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The CBD Oil We Sell Is 100% Natural

All Our Products Are 100% Organic And Lab Tested

The CBD market has actually grown astronomically recently that makes it complicated when initially browsing the market.

Guaranteeing the quality of the CBD products we note is our number one priority. Which is why every CBD product listed goes through lab screening for purity and quality.

The Swiss are renowned for the purity and quality of their CBD products. That’s why we have been to Switzerland to hand select some of the finest CBD products on the market.

3rd Party Analysed

It’s vital for your assurance that you understand the contents of the CBD products that you are purchasing. This is why we have all of our listed products lab tested.

100% Pure

No CBD product makes it onto our site unless they utilize quality active ingredients. Additionally the end product goes through extensive lab testing to ensure its quality.

CBD % Checked

We check the level of cannabidiol (CBD) present in all our cannabis-based products. We ensure the high quality of all our CBD products.

Our Ethos

The benefits of CBD for your well being

Rubbish in, rubbish out. This is why we have actually made sure all of our CBD providers utilize only the finest components in their CBD products. Power and purity is the aim.

There are many prospective benefits to CBD oil such as the neuroprotective results for the brain, swelling relief, and treating the side effects of chemotherapy.

If a product or brand name is included on this site than it is a premium CBD product.


CBD Balms Holywood

By rubbing our CBD onto your skin you can instantly begin alleviating any muscle discomfort.

There are trace amounts of THC in our CBD balms, and therefore no rick of getting high or having any psychedelic effects.

We infuse thoroughly selected hemp plants which are high in CBD and have great deals of terpenes so are rich in aroma.

Holywood CBD Oil

If you acquire CBD oils from us you can rest assured you are purchasing a premium product made from a few of the best hemp in Europe.

No herbicides, fungicides or pesticides are utilized in the production of the hemp utilized in our CBD oils leading to a 100% natural product.


Premium Quality CBD Oils Near You


As Nature Intended

No CBD product gets listed on this website unless it is of the highest quality. That means it needs to be as organic and natural as possible so you can feel safe in the understanding that you have bought a premium CBD product.


Quality CBD Products

All of the CBD products included on our site have been produced utilizing selectively grown hemp. This ensures not just a high level of CBD however likewise a product which is remarkably pure.

CBD products

Certified Lab Tested

We insist that all of the CBD products that are stocked on this site have actually been 3rd party lab checked to guarantee quality and purity.

Our Customer Service

If you have any concerns regarding the purchase of any of our CBD products then contact us and a member of our support group will get back to you as soon as possible.

Discreet Packaging

We utilize plain boxes to deliver our CBD products in, which means a discreet, safe and secure, delivery service.

International Delivery

Our dispatch centre is able to send our CBD products within 24 hrs of your order being placed to many places. See shipments for a complete list.

Tell Me More

Can you legally purchase CBD oil in Holywood

Keeping in mind that laws are subject to change, the existing requirements are that CBD oils have less than 0.2% THC in them. This is the level that all our CBD products comply with.

What Is CBD?

CBD (or cannabidiol) and CBDa are cannabinoids naturally present in marijuana, both legal and prohibited. In addition, it is the most studied cannabinoids in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Cannabidiol is not a psychedelic drug, so it does not cause any psychedelic results nor does it impact behavior.

How does THC differ from CBD?

Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of a minimum of 113 cannabinoids determined in marijuana. THC is the primary psychedelic constituent of marijuana.

Will CBD appear on a drug test UK?
It is not common for CBD users to turn out a positive drug test for THC. … Still, Consumerlab president Tod Cooperman, whose business tests natural supplements like hemp-based CBD, says around 10 percent of those individuals who utilize CBD can check favorable for THC. So, “it can happen, he stated.

How does CBD operate in the body?
All cannabinoids, consisting of CBD, produce results in the body by connecting to specific receptors. … CB1 receptors are present throughout the body, however many remain in the brain. The CB1 receptors in the brain deal with coordination and movement, discomfort, emotions, and state of mind, believing, appetite, and memories, and other functions.

Exists an age limitation for CBD?
CBD is everywhere. … The very first and just marijuana-derived drug authorized by the Food and Drug Administration, Epidiolex, is utilized to treat an uncommon, extreme type of epilepsy in patients two years of age and older.

Is CBD FDA authorized?
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants the American public to understand that cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating element of the marijuana sativa plant, may not be as safe and reliable in the grand scheme of their overall health and health as they are being told.

Will CBD reveal on a military drug test?
When testing for marijuana, drug tests identify THC, not CBD, however even hemp-based CBD products can have low amounts of THC. Drug tests do not figure out the type of compound you took, just if it includes THC. Since CBD oil products are uncontrolled, the THC levels are unreliable.

Can CBD Oil interact with medications?
Yes. CBD (cannabidiol) can interact with other medications that, like itself, are metabolized in the body by the cytochrome p450 enzymes CYP3A4 and CYP2C19.

Does CBD impact your brain?
The scientists discovered that the marijuana with low levels of CBD impaired the participants’ brain functions. The drug degraded the brain’s salience network, a system of discovering emotional and sensory stimuli, and its general practical connection.

Can CBD Oil cause kidney stones?
Find out what may increase your danger of establishing kidney stones and when you require to seek instant medical attention. Cannabidiol, often called CBD, is a chemical discovered in marijuana. CBD doesn’t contain THC, the psychedelic component discovered in marijuana that produces a high.

Can you take CBD while on antidepressants?
And while CBD is promoted as a natural supplement with some evidence that it can be helpful for your health, it’s possible that your CBD latte can still affect the efficacy of different medications– consisting of antidepressants. … “Generally speaking, you can safely utilize CBD supplements when you’re taking antidepressants.

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